Tony Murphy is an Irish multimedia artist and painter currently residing in Vienna, Austria.

From a young age he could be found with a pencil or pen in hand, exploring various mediums throughout his childhood. He only decided to turn his hand to painting in his early twenties, and since then has been working to find his style and voice artistically. Self taught and with no formal art education, he has developed a unique style and techniques detached from traditional mediums.

Early works were based on movies, sports, celebrities and music. Black and white portraits were the focus of attention and still feature heavily in his work. But as his direction progressed, he has turned his attention to capturing the bustling and diverse streets and scenes of his new home of Vienna. His work continues to capture night scenes to coffee houses, landscapes to historical buildings and everything in between.

Amongst all of this he is currently working on a series of children’s books which will be available in the not so distant future.

Tony Murphy at work in his home studio.